Marakkar BGM Ringtones [Best Quality] (Malayalam )

Marakkar Bgm Ringtones [Best Quality] (Malayalam )

Mohanlal Marakkar BGM Ringtones Download 2021 in Mp3 High Quality. Marakkar Malyalam Movie Ringtones & BGMs aka Background music Download Only at Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea Grand Movie BGM Ringtones.

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Marakkar BGM Ringtones Download Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil Marakkar BGMringtone

Movie: Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea Grand
Music Director: Ronnie Raphael
Category: Malayalam Ringtones


Winning Her Heart

Pirates Of Malabar

Who Is Kunjali

Treachery And Sabotage

Trailer 2 – The War

Marakkar BGM Theme Of Kunjali

The Viceroy

The Trap

The Omen

The Unexpected

The Naval Commander

The Shadow

The Inevitable

Amma Memoirs Of A War

The Engagement

The Betrayal

The Arabian Tale Reprise

Slapping Thangudu

The Arabian Tale

Sadaqah Reunion

Revelation Requiem

Self Exile

Riders Of The Cochin Kingdom

Revenge At The Bazaar

Rebooting And Avenging

Motivating The Mob

Massacre And The Capture

Kunjali The 4th

Kunjali’s Skills

Kingdom Of Zamorin

Duel Of The Titans

After The Storm

Dacoits In The Dark


Conflict Of Interests

Assasination Attempt


Chinnali’s Fight For Love

Chinnali And Mother

Chinnali Vs Thangudu

Archa’s Agony

Chasing The Thugs


Chandroth N Kunjali

Aysha’s Love

Ancestral Pendant

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